Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Daily Snooze

OK! What is with the NY Daily Snooze? It is one thing to report the news and put down a team or player but today's headlines were just insulting.

Chein Ming Wang is probably one of the nicest kids in baseball and he has been having more than his fair share of problems. I can understand a fans frustration with his performance as I am sure he is his own worse critic. But today's back page was just uncalled for.

With the homers flying out of the new cathedral in the Bronx, once Wang gets his velocity and sinker working he may be our best weapon. Until then the Yankees will be looking for answers. This may have been one of the worse games I ever have seen but it was not excuse for that back page.

As far as the press goes, if the Yankees it will keep you working into November this year. I am not asking you to sugar coat anything but treat a player like a human being. Call a bad outing a bad outing but don't be cruel and worry about what goes on between the lines. But that my Bomber Buddy is a different storey.

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Rob Abruzzese said...

Unfortunately the headline, Hang In There, wouldn't sell any newspapers.

Why so strict with the comments?