Friday, March 28, 2008

The Game of My Lifetime...

Frank Midolo AKA FrankieYankee
AKA The Big Guy With The Blue Jacket

I have received an I-Tunes gift card from my in-laws for my birthday, and decided to use it yesterday. I have a lot of music on my I-Pod, basically everything I want, so I decided to browse through some video stuff. Of course the first thing I went to was Yankee video's, and I downloaded 2003 ALCS, Game 7, the Aaron Boone game. The video comes in full of the entire game and post game interviews and stuff which was pretty cool.

Have you ever watched an old game, and you know the outcome, but you still get mad at how the game is going? That was me yesterday. Trot Nixon hits that 2-run HR, off Clemens, and I have to hear Joe Buck, "At the track, GONE." Oh was I mad. As the game goes on the Sox take the 4-0 lead, and now I'm fuming. Giambi hits a dart over the center field fence, off Pedro, and then again bombs one to CF, off him again in the 7th cutting the lead to 4-2. Wells comes in and throws a hanging curveball to Big Sloppy that shoots out of the park. 5-2 Sox. At this point of the game, I still couldnt believe how the Yanks game back and won this game. Down 5-2, bottom of the 8th, 1 out, nobody on base, and Pedro pitching an excellent game. Then steps up Jeter. Double over Nixon's head(should have caught that ball), Bernie base hit makes it 5-3. That's all for Pedro right? WRONG. Watching it again, what the hell was Grady Little thinking? Emberee was up and ready for the lefty Matsui. Pedro stays in, Matsui rockets a double down the 1st base line. 2nd and 3rd. Up comes Posada and Grady keeps Pedro in, flair to center field, TIE GAME. 5-5. Posada's emotions gave me chills, I was on the train watching this on a little I-Pod screen, holding in all my emotions. It was awesome.

A question came into my mind, as I was watching Pedro implode. How good was life in the baseball world, pre the 2004 debacle? Man was it sweet. The "1918" chants, and knowing the Red Sox season will ALWAYS, end in a disaster.

Before this whole steroid mess, lawsuits, congressional hearings, and all this other stuff that has impacted baseball in a negative way. Man, I felt good. Mo pitches 3 spectacular innings, and then Aaron Boone steps up to the plate. First pitch from Wakefield, "and the Yankees are going to the World Series." What a moment. I got off the train, and walked home with a pep in my step. Opening day is only 4 days away I said to myself. I want that feeling again, that special feeling that doesnt come around to often, when rooting for your sports teams.

Boone said after the game "This is just stupid." Your telling me Aaron? This was the greatest baseball game of my lifetime, of course if your a Yankee fan.

I want that feeling again.

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