Monday, September 05, 2005


Those of you who know me probably could have guess the topic of today's blog. After a weekend where we took two of three in Oakland to put us one game ahead in the Wild Card Race the last thing we want is an off day. True we are changing coasts and you do need a day to travel, although for some reason they never do it in the ALDS. Under normal circumstances that would be fine but today is Labor Day and we have no Yankee Baseball.

Labor Day, July 4th, Memorial Day were all at one time automatic double headers. For those of you too young to remember a Double Header was when you saw to baseball games back to back for one admission price. Not only that the Soxes ( White and Red) have a make up game today and they are both bitching! Come on you greedy millionaires we pay your overpriced salaries play the game and clam up. So if you lose an off day here and there who cares??? What goes better with a barbecue than baseball?

Let's give something back to the fan bring back the holiday double headers.

After the "off day" it is the Tampa Bay Devil Rays that come into town to take on the Bombers. The Yanks are 4-9 verse the Rays this year we have to even that record up if we want to win. The only team with a winning record that we face the rest of the season is Boston.

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