Tuesday, July 12, 2005


It's the All Star Break and off to Detroit are Alex Rodriguez, Mariano Rivera and Gary Sheffield. At the break we are really lucky to be only 2.5 games back after the way that we played. Aboard the Yankee Express now are three key rookies. Chein Ming Wang, who has been are most consistant starter in the first half. Robbie Cano who has opened a lot of eyes at 2B and Melky Cabrera who just two season ago was named the 2003 Staten Island Yankee MVP. The jury is still out on Melky who is adjusting to the large Yankee Stadium centerfield not to mention the tricky sun you have out there on day contests. His biggest advantage is that he is one of the few rookies who can hit a breaking ball, which is something that hampered such names as Dan Pasqua, Andy Phillips and even big names like Jack Clark.

After the break it is back to work when the Bombers face off against the Bosox in Beantown. Let's hope it isn't Deja Vu all over again as the Red Sox have already broke the momentum of this club of All Stars. We are on a roll right now and I for one didn't want this break to break our streaks especially with the Red Sox on the menu.

Last time around Joe Torre skipped young Chein Ming Wang against the Red Sox. You can be sure that won't be the case this time around. Let's hope that Brian Cashman doesn't have even remote plans to trade any of these three players.

Here is a scoop that my new Bomber Buddies at POTY don't even know. I had the luck to see Felix "F-Rod" Rodriguez starting his rehab last night for the Staten Island Yankees. He was welcomed back to live pitching with a home run to left field by the Williamsport Crosscutter's (Pirate Short Season A affiliate) John Santiago (his first). Keep in mind this kid is 20 years old at most. He was erratic for the most part in the SI Yank 6-5 comeback but he did pick up 4 strikeouts without a walk in the two innings of work. He is scheduled to throw Wednesday for the Baby Bombers as well as they go for their ninth straight victory. Melky Cabrera was on hand to receive a plaque and his old SI Jersey.

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